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I have carried the
message of water

for a very long time.  We do
learn a lot from research and study
but we really learn the most from time.

My goal is to teach an important
message with integrity... my dream
is to cultivate a better world.

Colleen Roberts


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Skeptical Physician
By Colleen Roberts
Monday, Jun 16, 2014

Educational... Just released!

May's V-Team Membership Winner!
By Colleen Roberts
Monday, Jun 16, 2014

Congratulations To Kimberly Reese!
V-Team-Audio 1-Year Membership

May's Membership Winner

There are several hundred people who have entered this monthly draw!  No need to re-enter the draw every month, once you are entered in the system you stay in the system.  We will never remove your name... entering more than once does not benefit you in any way, I have programmed the system to remove duplicates leaving everyone with just one entry.

Kimberly, please contact Joyce at support

Have an Awesome June!


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